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NC2 Procurement and Supply Functions

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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply has been contributing to the development of people in procurement and
supply for many years. This Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations has been designed to aid anyone who
would like to not only develop and improve their skills in the workplace, but achieve a recognised qualification too. This
certificate benefits not only the individual but also the company. It could mean cost savings and quality improvements in
the workplace.
Course: 5 Units
- NC1 Procurement & Supply Principles
- NC2 Procurement & Supply Functions
- NC3 Procurement & Supply Processes
- NC4 Procurement & Supply Administration
- NC5 Procurement & Supply Stakeholders

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Our CIPS Distance Learning packages have been extremely successful, achieving an excellent pass rate and 100% retention. Unlike most distant learning our packages offer full support from CIPS qualified tutors and practitioners.Our online virtual learning environment includes structured teaching throughout breaking the sessions into bite size pieces making it easy to follow. Clear instructions and user guidance are given at the start to ensure ease of use.Students can work at their own pace through the learning outcomes. The voiceover makes it unique to any other distance option on the market allowing the content to come to life with many real life examples and guidance on best practice. The content is easy to follow and link to the study guide with formative assessments including assignment, quizzes, and questions throughout.

The VLE system tracks the delegates progress through the unit. In addition, all this learners have access to other resources such as revision guidance, self-test questions, exemplar papers, and past papers plus additional notes and resources. Tutors can be contacted via the online messaging system.


  • One unit from CIPS Certificate in Procurement and Supply
  • Access to VLE system with progress mapping for 3 months
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  • Exemplar paper
  • Other learning resources, acronyms and notes
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